Three causes of IT project failure

IT projects often don’t get done.  Not just done late, but not done at all.  Industry statistics show that over 50% of major IT projects are not regarded as successful. They get abandoned because they’re too late or because they’re so far over budget that the sponsors give up.  Many more deliver something, but not […]

Software, software everywhere

Software is different from other technical stuff.  It’s abstract, invisible, and runs at extremely high speed.  So the people who are good at working with software tend to be different from “ordinary” engineers.  They have to be good at visualizing the abstract processes and the mathematical algorithms that make up the procedures implemented in software. […]

How can IT management fail to understand business goals?

“Now more than ever, IT must invest the time to understand specific business goals and translate IT metrics to reflect an impact against these business goals.  Often there is a gap between what IT reports and what is of interest to the business.”   — An Introductory Overview of ITIL V3, itSMF, 2007, p. 38 There’s […]