Computer and Software Expert Witness

John Levy, Expert Witness

John Levy, Ph.D.

My areas of expertise are software and computer engineering.

I have two particular areas of specialty:  The first is computer hardware design, particularly input/output, storage and hard disk drives.  The second is software, particularly operating systems, PC BIOS, storage networks and software development.

I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford and engineering degrees from Cornell and CalTech.

I have been engaged as an expert in more than 60 cases.  In the past four years, I’ve testified at trial one time and been deposed seven times.

In prior years I have also consulted for the Court as a neutral expert in three cases.

Here is a video introduction.

Please see my resume and list of engagements below.


List of engagements

Expertise areas – computers & software

  • Computer design
  • Bus design – local area network, system bus, I/O Channel
  • Bus standards – 1394 FireWire I-Link – ATA – SCSI – Futurebus – Unibus
  • Input/Output controllers & interfaces ATA – ATAPI – IDE
  • Hard disk design & performance I/O Channel
  • Software development – firmware – embedded systems
  • Operating systems – file systems – caching – real-time systems
  • Management of product development
  • Simulation – performance measurement – benchmark test

Detailed Technical Areas of Expertise


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