About John Levy

I help business executives transform IT from a pain to a competitive advantage. Drawing on over 30 years as a manager and consultant in the computer, software and storage industry, I focus on aligning Business and IT by interpreting IT language into business terms and helping business people express what they really need in IT solutions.

I’m passionate about eliminating wasteful spending on technology while still meeting the needs of business for innovative IT solutions. I work at the intersection of technology and business management, providing insight into what’s working and helping to eliminate what isn’t working.

My book for technology managers, titled Get Out of the Way, was published in May 2010. The book is focused on how to be an effective manager of high-tech development in order to get timely, innovative and relevant products.

I’ve been consulting for over 20 years, and have held engineering management positions with Quantum Corporation, Apple Computer, Tandem Computers, and Digital Equipment Corporation. I hold 7 U.S. patents related to computer design, and was a national lecturer for the IEEE on computer bus design. I’ve been an expert witness in more than 40 patent lawsuits related to computer, software and Internet technologies, including 3 cases where I was a technical advisor to U.S. District Court judges.

I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, and engineering degrees from Cornell and Caltech. I have further training in business mediation skills and in managing managers and professionals. I’m a volunteer mediator for the free mediation service in my community. I teach one course each year on technology-related topics at the Fromm Institute of Lifelong Learning at the University of San Francisco.

My avocations include classical music, sea kayaking and ceramics.

If you would like to read more details about how I got hooked on computers and learned about software management, please go on to Aunt Bertha.

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