Get Out of the Way! Sidebar Stories

The book is filled with many “war stories” about product development, each of them in a sidebar feature.  Click on a story title to download the PDF.

Stories in bold are supplementary and are not in the book.

Chapter 1
Timely Products: Start New Products Early and Often

SB1-1 Who Decides On a Microprocessor (pdf 44k)
SB1-2 The scheduling lie (pdf 44k)
SB1-3 Why Are We Making This Product (pdf 48k)
SB1-4 Moore’s Law and the Microcomputer Invasion (pdf 49k)
SB1-5 Moore’s Law Chart (pdf 478k)
SB1-6 Jif Peanut Butter (pdf 39k)

Chapter 2
Timely Products: Credible Estimates

SB2-1 What Remains to Be Done (pdf 40k)
SB2-2 Predicting Software Bugs (pdf 48k)

Chapter 3
Timely Products: Consistent Resources

SB3-1 How Many People on a Team (pdf 40k)

Chapter 4
Innovative Products: Good Science and Technology

SB4-1 Do You Understand What I Do (pdf 44k)
SB4-2 Nine Ways to Encourage Professional Growth (pdf 44k)
SB4-3 Diversity Works (pdf 40k)

Chapter 5
Innovative Products: Risk-Taking Preferred

SB5-1 Two Percent for Wild-Card Projects (pdf 44k)
SB5-2 Selling to Your Employees (pdf 40k)
SB5-3 Crossing the Generational Chasm to PCs (pdf 44k)
SB5-4 Creating the Next Generation in Stealth Mode (pdf 44k)
SB5-5 VisiCalc—The First Spreadsheet Do (pdf 40k)
SB5-6 PageMaker—The Dawn of Desktop Publishing (pdf 40k)
SB5-7 Computer Generations and Customer Blindness (pdf 48k)
SB5-8 Palm Pilot (pdf 40k)

Chapter 6
Innovative Products: “Hedgehog Concept”

SB6-1 Opportune Inventions (pdf 40k)
SB6-2 DEC PC Strategy (pdf 44k)
SB6-3 What If (pdf 40k)
SB6-4 Agile Manifesto (pdf 60k)
SB6-5 Paying Up Front for Better Tools (pdf 44k)

Chapter 7
Relevant Products: Insight into Usage

SB7-1 Local Knowledge (pdf 44k)

Chapter 8
Relevant Products: Knowing How the Customer Creates Value

SB8-1 Customer R&D (pdf 44k)

Chapter 9
Relevant Products: Anticipating the Future

SB9-1 Projecting Computer System Capability (pdf 44k)
SB9-2 Predicting hard disk drive technology (pdf 40k)
SB9-3 Competing Technologies – Silicon vs Disks (pdf 40k)
SB9-4 Competing Using the Same Technologies (pdf 40k)

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