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Software can be complex, but it is made up of relatively simple pieces. Why does it cost so much to create?

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An expert witness is someone with knowledge and experience in a discipline who provides their expertise to a client on one side of a lawsuit. Patent litigation in particular has seen a spectacular rise in the number of suits filed, and therefore there has been a huge increase in the demand for experts. This article is about three skills you need to be a successful and useful expert witness.

How to manage a project

The essentials of project management in under 500 words

What’s going on inside my computer?

We all ask this question now and then, particularly when the computer or its application software is not working as it should. Or at least when it’s doing things we don’t understand. Our smartphones are no different – they are primarily computers, with some radio communications thrown in to connect them with the world. Of […]

The life of a hero – Doug Engelbart 1930 – 2013

Lessons from the life of the inventor of the mouse.

Why do we need so much software?

Software is everywhere, but you can’t see it. You know it’s in your phone, your computer, your home appliances and your electric meter, but do you know why? This article explores the reasons for the explosion of software.

Software development – not by PERT alone

Software is abstract, invisible and runs at extreme speeds. People who are good at building software have to possess talent at visualization and a willingness to use complex tools. When software developers become project managers (PMs), they rely on software tools to monitor, control and report on projects, just as non-technical PMs do. Problems technologists have as managers relate to people, including conflict, collaboration and just plain old listening well.

What’s wrong with complexity?

We tend to design things that are complex, and that can be our undoing.

5 key things you should know about computer security

Computer security does not come easily.  It requires awareness of the ways in which computers and data are compromised.  To guard against loss, there are 5 key things you should know. 1.   Anti-virus programs are essential, but they’re not enough. Anti-virus programs will not keep you safe from all attacks.   They are good for blocking […]

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The perennial problem of data storage and data access has a number of new aspects since cloud computing has come along. This article is a review of some of your data storage and access choices.